Goodbye Google Business Profile Websites: Because Change is Just What We Needed

Goodbye Google Business Profile Websites: Because Change is Just What We Needed

Ah, the ever-changing digital landscape. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, Google decides to mix things up. In a move that’s surely meant to keep us on our toes, Google has announced that websites created with Google Business Profiles will be no more come March 2024. Because, clearly, what business owners need right now is a little more unpredictability in their lives.

The Countdown Begins

Mark your calendars for March 2024, folks! This is when Google will pull the plug on websites made with Google Business Profiles. But fear not, for a short while, your customers will be redirected to your Business Profile instead. Enjoy this brief grace period until June 10, 2024, after which Google will treat your customers to a delightful “page not found” error. What a way to keep the mystery alive!

Your To-Do List (Because You Weren’t Busy Enough)

Business Profile Makeover: If your website ends in or, it’s time for an update. Your Business Profile will need a new website link by March, because who doesn’t love a deadline?

Website Relocation Program: It’s time to find a new home for your website. Consider moving in with Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Shopify, WordPress or using Digital Anchor Media. It’s like house hunting, but for your website.

Ads Campaigns Rerouting: Using a Google Business Profile site for your ads? Update them to link to your new website before March 1, 2024. It’s like playing musical chairs, but with website links.

Third-Party Domain Juggling: Got a custom domain? Redirect it to your new website before June 10, 2024, to avoid sending your customers into the internet void.

Why This Is Totally Great (Not Really)

Losing your website overnight? What a fantastic opportunity to test your adaptability! It’s not like websites are crucial for businesses in the digital age, right? But on the bright side, this is a chance to spruce up that Business Profile of yours. Add some snazzy photos, update your info, and maybe throw in a catchy slogan for good measure.

The Takeaway: Embrace the Chaos

In all seriousness, this change is a big deal, and it’s essential to stay prepared. Start planning your transition now to avoid a last-minute scramble. And remember, in the ever-evolving world of digital business, the only constant is change (and a little bit of sarcasm).

Stay ahead of the game, embrace the chaos, and here’s to finding a new digital home that’s even better than the last. Good luck – you’re going to need it!